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Strategize, plan, execute, manage, track

We provide an integrated solution that enables a seamless process for ordering marketing and compliace materials

  • Order Entry/Order Management
  • Digital printing
  • Pick and pack
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting

We want you to have the right package, to the right target, at the right time, at the right cost — every time.

Here at Innovative Fulfillment Services, we take pride in our ability to ensure a flawless execution plan that will be consistently reliable time after time. We understand our process better than anybody else and we know that we can implement these processes in order to optimize the ordering of marketing and compliance needs for your business. What Innovative Fulfillment Services can do for your business We'll recieve, warehouse, and manage your product/literature inventory.

We also take care of processing banking needs, fieldings orders, and we provide the assembly and packaging of your orders. We do all of this with the most cost effective option in mind and we make sure that these shipments are timely and accurate.

"We ensure that the materials get delivered to the right person at the right time in the most cost effective way every time" 
- Kevin Jorgensen | CTO

Speed, flexibility and cost savings with print on demand

Simple, customized and high-quality print on demand solutions.

Our customers have challenged us to develop a solution that delivers high quality compelling marketing materials or compliance documents in a timely fashion to their customers, while at the same balancing the costs associated with increased speed to marketing.

Now your customers can have personalized documents in their hands quicker than ever before. With Print on Demand solutions from Innovative Fulfillment Services.

You’ll enable customized and personalized content while realizing cost savings and flexibility, as you produce high-quality, relevant communications that truly engage customers.

"We serve as as an extension of your marketing department"
- Joe Pettirossi | Vice President

Simple/easy ordering, management and accountability with IFS’ web based ordering portal and dashboard.

This completely customizable system does it all.

Advanced literature and product fulfillment and inventory management technology ensures your projects hum along seamlessly. IFS ordering portal delivers flexibility, speed and accountability for its clients. Completely customizable, the system has the ability to adapt to any company’s specific and unique business rules, while ensuring that the production and fulfillment teams receive consistent and thorough work orders.

The system has built in capabilities for online ordering and proofing, inventory and cost control, on-the-fly kitting, order tracking, reporting and much more.

With this technology, the marketing department can rest easy that brand standards will be maintained for all materials being distributed, while the sales team can have access 24/7 to order personalized communications materials.

Our nexTouch portal combines traditional order fulfillment with the power of Print on Demand. With a keystroke or two, users can order brand-approved collateral, products and digital printing — quickly and easily. This online solution is integrated with our warehouse and print and fulfillment centers for simple, fast distribution. And, regardless of where you are, nexTouch allows ordering from any mobile device.

Web based portal includes:
  • Easy and secure access
  • Wide variety of items
  • Marketing materials
  • Compliance materials
  • Promotional items
  • Variable data items
  • Kits
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