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What Does Our Platform Provide? 


Design your content assets to protect your brand identity but allow your sales team to personally engage then publish for print, social, digital distribution on our scalable cloud platform. Maintain versions and control access. Track use and performance to know which content facilitates sales.




 Your marketing department will load all approved assets to Toppan Vintage’s web portal software, which can replace your outdated marketing intranet or be accessed directly from your Salesforce.com, SAP or HubSpot CRM. Based on permissions and your business rules, users can access marketing materials instantly and you can track use to measure performance.



People buy from people. So once a user has selected the asset they want to use, a financial prospectus or sales brochure for example, they can edit content blocks within a marketing template. The piece can be edited to have marketing personalization, imagery, or contact information. It can also be serialized for compliance. This makes it easy for sales to have the right message, at the right moment without compromising brand or compliance rules.




After sales materials have been selected and personalized, users have the option to instantly download, email, print, or post to their social networks. This self-service function means users of your process running on our platform get the materials they need quickly and can deliver them in the most effective manner while the marketing department is free to focus on more strategic activities.


A sales rep needs a personalized proposal sent to the client. A client just bought something and needs to receive it ASAP. The government requires your transactions to be recorded and serialized. You’re moving from print to digital and need to make a smooth transition. Meaningful engagement always requires fulfillment and at Toppan Vintage, our platform is designed to implement your process and to faithfully represent you and your brand to your prospects and customers. Our fulfillment experts can print, warehouse, kit, service and fulfill as an extension of your organization – or not. It’s up to you!





Making marketing measurable isn’t an option any longer. Lead acquisition cost, which content assets work best, compliance reports and the cost to fulfill a customer order are just a few of the many key performance indicators that marketing teams are accountable for today. Putting your process on our platform gives you the ability to create the reports that management and the government require and to continuously monitor and optimize your program.

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Business don't start out successful. They become successful. Business success starts with enabled sales people and thrives on satisfied customers. Your sales process on our platform is the key to both. See how we've helped other businesses succeed.

Financial Firm Transitions from Print to Digital First

Data, Dashboards, Instant Fulfillment Spell Success. Moving from print to digital makes your sales team responsive and your program scalable, personal and Trackable.


Insurer Enables Nationwide Sales

2,000 agencies have trackable, instant access to accurate information. Consolidate suppliers. Offer instant online access. Close the loop on cost of sales. Make marketing a measurable part of your success.


REIT Enables Sales Engagement Through Salesforces.com

Financial firm puts sales enablement in salesforce.com. Enabling fulfillment and tracking in Salesforce.com improves engagement and closes the loop on costs.


Financial Services Startup Makes a Big Impression

No program too big or too small. Size doesn't matter. Process matters. Our platform scales up and down to make your process work. Start with us. Well grow with you.


850,000 Itineraries. Each Unique. Every Experience Personal.

Making your service personal builds brand value. Data-driven marketing is about process. Your data on our platform ensures accurate personalization that delights customers.


Your Process on Our Platform Will Be

Make Sales Engagement a Variable Cost

A Variable Cost

Outsourcing your engagement process with IFS gives your business personal, professional, scalable engagement with your customers and prospects without massive investments in infrastructure, technology and staff.



People buy from people. Enabling your people to make the best impression about your business is smart business. Putting your sales engagement process on our platform enables your people to engage promptly, personally and professionally.

Make Sales Engagement Measurable


Your sales engagement is a process. Processes can be measured and improved is they run on the right platform. Putting your sales engagement process on our platform enables you to see which sales people, using which information produces better results.

See what your process could be on our platform!

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