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Manage | People, Process, and Technology

When you entrust mission critical communications programs to a service partner, managing those programs must be simple and transparent. And if our programs are to be an extension of your organization, our processes must conform to your business rules and best practices. IFS uses technology to make sure you always have your finger on the pulse of the work performed on your behalf including:

  • Secure connections between our data centers and yours
  • Customized business rules that re-create your best practices within our infrastructure
  • Web-enabled dashboards that put critical program metrics at your fingertips
  • Digital inventory monitoring and control

In addition to all the technology IFS brings to bear on the management of your program, we also understand that having a single, accountable person who knows your business as well as you do, makes the difference between good enough and great. Every IFS client deserves great, which is why each account has a personal client service representative who you can speak to any time you have a question or just want to bounce around ideas for making your program better. 

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