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Distribute | More Than Just Distribution

Distribution is another evolving part of our business. In 1994 when the company started, distribution meant putting postage on a piece of direct mail or packing a box for the parcel delivery service. Today we still do those things but the definition of our distribution services has expanded to include: 

  •      eFulfillment/eDelivery
  •      pick-pack and assembly
  •      warehousing
  •      inventory management

Many of the programs we design and run for our clients include multiple forms of distribution. For instance, a financial services company may want to respond quickly with an e-Delivered, personalized account statement, but, for regulatory reasons, may also be required to deliver a hard copy of the same information. We can do that and provide the reporting to support future audits.

Our distribution capability also supports things like Customer Relationship Management software. By integrating our distribution system into popular CRM packages like, we enable sales people to order print-on-demand, personalized collateral right from their active contact list while also giving management the ability to track use and determine a ROI for the content they create.

Our vertically integrated facility with over 30,000 SF of modern warehouse space, color digital print on demand, light assembly area and USPS, Fedex and UPS shipping hub enable IFS to design and reliably execute complex fulfillment programs with a single point of contact.

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