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Create | Great Creative Is Essential to Communication

At IFS, we’ve always had an in-house creative team to both give clients visually appealing communications and to ensure that communications are designed that both adhere to brand standards and allow the most cost effective delivery. 

But today creativity has evolved beyond the elements of style. Color, typography and page layout are still important but today’s creative designs also involve personalization and data-driven presentation. This is a specialty at IFS. For the past 10 years IFS has been developing proprietary technology and business processes that enable it to integrate data from CRM, ERP and marketing automation platforms to enhance the creative process and produce communications that delight, engage, and inform beyond the ability of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all marketing

Our creative expertise includes:

  • Critical marketing and regulatory information to shareholders/investors
  • Data Driven Publishing/Communications
  • Flexible and robust content management systems
  • Custom book building
  • Custom kit building

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