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We Know How To Create

Great creative is essential to create communications. Creativity has evolved beyond the elements of style. Color, typography and page layout are still important but today's creative designs also involve personalization and data-driven presentation. In today’s competitive environment, it is important that your communications are visually appealing, adhere to brand standards, and are delivered in the most cost effective manner. At IFS, we have developed proprietary technology and business processes that allow us to create communications that engage and inform beyond the standard mass customization and one-size fits-all marketing.

 “Our technology allows us to provide custom business rules and the ability to interface with our clients' systems,
yet it allows us to generate standard work orders for our team on the production floor.  Flexibility from a client perspective and
standardization from a production perspective is one of our key to success."
- Steve Richard, IFS Operations Manager

We Know How to Manage

Managing a marketing commmunications program must be simple and transparent. The process must conform to your business rules and best practices. At the heart of this management is a single, accountable person who knows your buiness as well as you do and is committed to your success. At IFS, we use the right people, processes and technology to ensure that you have complete visibility into our operation. We earn your trust through transparency and accountability.

“Our client services team takes complete ownership of our clients' programs.  We act as internal advocates for our clients.
Our team feels 100% empowered to do what is right for the client at all times."
- Peggy Thompson, IFS Customer Service Manager

We Know How To Produce

To be successful you must render information in the form factor that your customers demand. Sometimes that means printing on paper, other times that means outputting a secure PDF, or a digital format so that it can be viewed on an iPad. The ability to adapt to your customers’ demands is critical. At IFS, we create processes to ensure accurate, and cost effective output, whether you need it on paper, on a DVD, a USB stick, a flip book, a web page or digital stream.

“Flexibility, reliability and scalability are just a few of the characteristics of our technology platform.
Our technology allows IFS to adapt to and mirror the business practices of our clients so that they do not have to change
the way they conduct business in order to work with us.”
- Kevin Jorgensen, IFS CTO

We Know How To Distribute

Your message needs to be distributed across multiple channels and in many forms. It is critical that everything is tracked and recorded. Delivery confirmations need to be integrated with internal systems (i.e., SalesForce, Dynamics, Oracle, etc.) so you can ensure timely and accurate communications to your customers. At IFS, we have the team and technology to ensure that your message is distributed across any channel in a consistent and trackable manner.


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